Everyone is after capturing something or other with cam, or running a media file. I am getting regular emails since I started posting articles about DirectShow on the www.codeproject.com. You can see them also there http://www.codeproject.com/script/ar...userid=1638055, But now I will try to post such articles here also, so my friends can access them easily.
For capturing from cam, or running a media file can be done several ways on Windows. You can use
  1. MCI (Media Control Interface)
  2. VFW (Video For Windows)
  3. DirectShow
What you should choose,
This depends upon what you want to do,
With MCI
  • You can do audio recording
  • Play an AVI file.
  • Play CD audio tracks and MIDI files.
With VFW
  • Playing a file with VFW gives you some flexibility, such as
  • An in depth Information about media file.
  • Copying file to and from Clipboard.
  • Make you own custom media file.
  • Querying about samples in the media file.
  • Media file editing.
With DirectShow

With DirectShow you can do all above, and much much more. But this all flexibility comes at an expense Complexity, DirectShow is very complex architecture inside, But if you understand its logic it is not that complex.
Basically every thing bases on Interfaces ( COM architecture ). You create objects, then query interfaces, then use its methods.
With DirectShow you can
  • Mix more then one movie.
  • Display any image over video.
  • Scroll custom text over video
  • and every thing you can imagine.
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